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Modern people want to transform their home to make it not only convenient and comfortable but also aesthetic.

Facade cladding with siding is one of the best solutions because it is beautiful, practical, and durable.

If you are looking for reliable renovation companies, count on your trustworthy local contractor – SidingRepairContractor. We work in Newton and throughout Massachusetts.

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Safety Estimate

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Affordable Price

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Our Services

A team of experienced professionals will carry out all types of exterior home improvement work.

Our group of specialists works quickly and efficiently. It is worth noting that prices for our services are reasonable.

We are attentive to any details and our clients are glad to the result.

Leave a request if you need:

Roofing and siding services;
Window & door installation;
Replacing broken siding;
Renovation of gutter systems, etc.

Building cladding is also included in the list of our services. If you want to refresh the facade and add a siding covering, then contact our specialists.

We carry out installation and repair of panels, shingles, shakes. Also, our experts will provide high-quality painting, we have a very diverse color palette.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Siding Repairs

Siding is a popular choice for cladding a home because it protects the building from external influences, sun, moisture, deterioration, and improves its appearance.

Our professional team will make repairs of any complexity because we have a lot of experience and high-quality materials.

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Vinyl Siding Works

This material is more durable and less expensive.

The panels are easier to attach than wood or aluminum.

Replacing vinyl plates also makes work easier and the cladding looks stylish and modern.

There are many textures and color shades to take into consideration for your exterior experiments.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Corner Renovation

Such replacement of broken plates is a more complicated process.

Panels, shingles, and shakes can have many corners because these are the joints where the windows and doors are located.

Our professionals adjust the length of all elements so that the replacement of damaged parts would be as smooth as possible.

SidingRepairContractor fixes all the elements at the same level on the building facade.

Our team can make simple fastening of panels or build up a siding profile through special overlays.

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Exterior Paint & Lac Application

When you are looking for reliable home improvement companies, you want to find real profs.

Over time, the profile loses its presentable appearance and this fact disappoints responsible homeowners.

If you want to refresh the facade of your house and are not going to change the cladding of the house, exterior painting is the most optimal solution.

There is a small range of colors for siding, but SidingRepairContractor offers you exclusive variants together with lac layer application.

We use high-quality paint application equipment, so it will be beautiful and durable.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Old Siding Replacement

Our team replaces the siding of any type (traditional stucco, overdated metal and steel shakes, wood shingles, and damaged vinyl panels, etc.) that may have cracked due to low or high temperatures.

We will also help to eliminate defects that could appear as a result of a blow or careless use.

The deformation of your siding material could also be due to an incorrect initial attachment that prevented the plates from narrowing and expanding.

The reasons for the repair might be different and experts of SidingRepairContractor help you cope with any issue related to wood shingles, hardy plank, clipboards, and stucco siding.

Ask our managers about other services for your home.

Gutter system installation, window replacement, and other renovation work are carried out promptly and efficiently.

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Our Home Improvement Services

Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repairs


Our siding contractors are experienced and can remove and replace any sections of your siding so your home looks its best.

Roofing Repair & Replacement


From leaks to missing shingles to storm damage and more, we offer high-quality roofing services that will restore the integrity and protection of your home.

Windows Replacement


Windows can not only boost your home’s aesthetic appeal, but it can also boost its energy efficiency. Talk to us today about window replacement for your home.

Door Installation


Our selection of doors offers both beauty and durability, making them perfect for any home. Let us help you make a statement that will last.

Gutter Installation & Repair


Clogged, damaged, or sagging gutters can lead to serious problems like water damage. Don’t risk future expenses and frustrations.

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Our Testimonials

Irene Elbert Gamburg

Very happy with the work that was done! Prompt, reliable, trustworthy. Overall, a great experience

Beth Hestad

They did a great job fixing a leak around my chimney. I really appreciated how careful they were with covid precautions too.

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